Anonymous asked: i'm quite glad you and leish broke up, hope youre ok about it tho! but im glad cause i've liked you for quite a while

wot? hu r u

Anonymous asked: why? :L

We broke up you fuck head

Anonymous asked: Why are there no photos of you and leisha on facebook? How often do u hang out?

i don’t feel comfortable answering this question 


Remember, CC:STUDIOS isn’t just hilarious cat gifs from great people like Deanna Rooney. We’ve got web shows like Couched and Bro-Dependent, comedians making fun of your instagrams, and other kinds of gifs too!

Anonymous asked: you could do so much better than liesha :L

That’s very fucking rude.

~ok~: something blue.


attention soldiers:

a lot of my peers, especially classmates and those who are friends of friends have asked me where have I been this year?
the truth is, I have attempted suicide 6 times throughout march till late september. this was using several different methods.
the reason I’ve been absent…

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“And told her even though I met you in a club in a tight dress
At first sight I can picture you in a white dress
30 foot train, diamond from Lorraine
Just to make up for all the years and the pain
Family on both sides I’m so glad you came”

-White dress *Kanye West*


they complete each other

I’m just gonna post this whenever I’m sick